defense force Subreddit Census 2020


Census 2020 Survey link

hey all you cool cats and kittens! it’s that time of the year once more. Y’all ready to sit down, buckle up, and get bizarre?! Too late, i am bizarre as shit already. anyhow, the link on the proper will bring you to my survey. In it, I are attempting to finger your pul… PUT my finger on the pulse of this subreddit and a lot of subs find it irresistible. now not bound if that sounded greater or worse… One, as a result of y’all are hilarious. Two, it helps your mods be trained what you are definitely pondering with a view to do their jobs more without difficulty. As y’all go through this, please let me know on this submit what sorts of issues y’all have an interest in me changing for next 12 months.

The survey asks about you and your armed forces experiences. none of the questions are necessary unless they’re constructed to guide you to certain sections of the survey. I don’t ask for emails or any PII (I feel), and if you do not believe relaxed answering any particular question do not think pressed to do so! leave it blank and movement correct on to the next query. might not harm my emotions none.

Boilerplate: Please do not share this census backyard of the subreddits by which or not it’s posted. The intended viewers is precisely the latest person base of those subreddits, as the consequences are meant to be used as a pulse investigate for our particular communities. I’ve contacted the mods of each of these subreddits and have got permission explicitly for this. Some subreddits have advised me they’re not at ease with this, so please help me honor that with the aid of now not crossposting this anyplace else.


  • Do I should take this survey?

    • i’m only a random stranger on the web. Do you always do what people like me let you know to? good day, due to the fact that we’re on the subject, I’ve acquired probably the most most delicious sweet in my van down by way of the river…

  • may I submit a FOIA request for the consequences of this Commander’s evaluation?

    • Noooooooope! just kidding. i’m leaving the survey open for submissions for a week. On Monday morn, 30 November, i’m shutting her down. Then i’m going to delivery parsing in the course of the effects so I can give the mods the feedback appropriate for their subreddits. ultimate, i could sift throughout the information and discover the optimal and funniest stuff for your particular subreddit and publish the results. i am going to do my most beneficial to get these outcomes out before Christmas, but since i’m basically putting concept and work into the consequences in its place of just letting y’all figure it out I cannot assure a unlock date for these. exceptionally if i am doing any comparisons between branches, or from this year to outdated years.

  • is that this actually anonymous?

    • i’m now not monitoring your username nor google account should you publish this. On correct of that, ain’t nobody acquired time to delve into someone else’s existence when I shouldn’t have my very own together. severely, my shit is in so many socks at the moment. Why do I even have shit in socks? I have no idea anymore.