tips: South East working towards property firing times

posted 28 November 2019
remaining up-to-date 23 November 2020 + reveal all updates

  1. introduced: South East practicing estate firing times for December 2020.

  2. Addition of: South East estate training enviornment firing instances for November 2020.

  3. added a note regarding closure of Tipner degrees.

  4. updated: Lydd range firing instances October 2020.

  5. Addition of: South East working towards estate closure and firing times for October 2020.

  6. modification to firing at Chilcomb range on the 26 August 2020.

  7. added the following firing instances for September 2020: Aldershot training area closure instances, Ash tiers, Barossa stages, Chilcomb latitude, Hythe levels, Longmoor stages, Lydd stages, Moody’s Down range, Otmoor range, Pirbright ranges and Tipner ranges.

  8. Addition of: South East working towards property firing times for August 2020.

  9. up to date: Barossa, Pirbright and Ash stages for July 2020.

  10. brought updates to right here firing times: Barossa stages and Pirbright ranges for July 2020.

  11. added firing times for July 2020.

  12. added Hythe latitude firing instances for July 2020, up to date firing instances for June 2020 and eliminated the might also firing instances.

  13. Addition of South East working towards property’s firing instances for June 2020.

  14. up-to-date Ash tiers firing instances may additionally 2020.

  15. up-to-date the Pirbright tiers firing instances for may additionally 2020.

  16. up-to-date the Hythe firing instances as of the 7 may also 2020.

  17. introduced assistance regarding firing times adjustments, contact counsel to all stages’ pages and up-to-date Hythe latitude firing times for may additionally 2020.

  18. up-to-date Ash firing times for may also 2020.

  19. delivered the south east training enviornment firing instances for can also 2020.

  20. Addition of South East practising estate’s firing instances for April 2020.

  21. Addition of South East training estate closure and firing times for March 2020.

  22. brought firing times for all eleven areas in the South East working towards property.

  23. delivered January’s firing instances for the South East area.

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