military Subreddit Census 2020


Census 2020 Survey hyperlink

hello all you cool cats and kittens! or not it’s that point of the yr once more. Y’all able to take a seat down, buckle up, and get bizarre?! Too late, i am bizarre as shit already. anyhow, the link on the accurate will deliver you to my survey. In it, I are trying to finger your pul… PUT my finger on the heartbeat of this subreddit and many subs like it. no longer certain if that sounded more suitable or worse… One, as a result of y’all are hilarious. Two, it helps your mods learn what you are in fact considering as a way to do their jobs greater with ease. As y’all go through this, please let me comprehend on this publish what kinds of things y’all are interested in me altering for subsequent year.

The survey asks about you and your military experiences. none of the questions are necessary unless they’re constructed to steer you to certain sections of the survey. I don’t ask for emails or any PII (I suppose), and in case you do not believe at ease answering any selected question do not think pressed to do so! depart it blank and flow appropriate on to the subsequent query. won’t harm my feelings none.

Boilerplate: Please don’t share this census backyard of the subreddits in which it be posted. The intended viewers is exactly the latest person base of those subreddits, because the consequences are supposed to be used as a pulse assess for our certain communities. I’ve contacted the mods of every of those subreddits and have bought permission explicitly for this. Some subreddits have told me they’re not at ease with this, so please support me honor that by way of no longer crossposting this anywhere else.


  • Do I need to take this survey?

    • i am just a random stranger on the information superhighway. Do you at all times do what folk like me inform you to? whats up, considering we’re on the subject matter, I’ve obtained one of the most scrumptious sweet in my van down by using the river…

  • can also I publish a FOIA request for the outcomes of this Commander’s assessment?

    • Noooooooope! simply kidding. i’m leaving the survey open for submissions for per week. On Monday morn, 30 November, i’m shutting her down. Then i’m going to start parsing in the course of the outcomes so I may give the mods the feedback acceptable for his or her subreddits. closing, i’ll sift in the course of the information and find the most appropriate and funniest stuff to your specific subreddit and put up the results. i’m going to do my premier to get these outcomes out before Christmas, but considering the fact that i’m truly inserting notion and work into the consequences as a substitute of just letting y’all figure it out I cannot guarantee a free up date for those. specially if i am doing any comparisons between branches, or from this yr to previous years.

  • is that this really nameless?

    • i’m now not tracking your username nor google account in the event you publish this. On proper of that, ain’t nobody bought time to delve into a person else’s lifestyles after I should not have my own collectively. critically, my shit is in so many socks presently. Why do I actually have shit in socks? I do not know anymore.