My truck turned into damaged into nowadays, which held some thing I hold dear to me

I even have one of those truckbed toolboxes so you might lock that I put stuff that I carried on deployment into. I had an IFAK (First support kit every person had with them on patrol) that I carried on patrol with me that I under no circumstances needed to use however different americans in my company had to so I regarded it a very good success attraction and informed the military that I misplaced it and stored it in that toolbox.

fast forward ten years, 1 dd214 and no car crashes later, and somebody breaks into it. after I first saw that bent tackle my heart dropped and that i bear in mind announcing to myself that i wished they’d of broken into my precise truck as a substitute or poked my oil filter or whatever. I didn’t even check and see if the IFAK became nonetheless there until the following day. I drove to an empty car parking zone just so people wouldnt see my response and lo and behold, the IFAK was nevertheless there, but my tools and whatnot were not. It makes me believe what become happening in that thieves intellect once they saw that IFAK there.

Did he/she comprehend what it become used for? It become alot lighter than the equipment they stole and there turned into a tourniquet in there that any heroin addict would kill for but it’s nevertheless there. I nonetheless have these “combat pills” internal of them that you simply took if you got shot that have been nonetheless in there that I hoped the thief would of taken thinking it become morphine or some thing and died later due to it being a decade historical but nope, nevertheless there. i am just very grateful that they didn’t steal that IFAK and desired to share this story and spot if anyone else holds onto something from past deployments from years ago to at the present time.