Tempest: the united kingdom’s Very personal Stealth Fighter Is Coming – 19FortyFive

It’s been pleasing to look the trends of the united kingdom armed forces in the contemporary decade.

On one hand, the militia and MOD have shown a willingness to come to better drive projection capabilities (aircraft carriers, F-35s, tempest) in addition to an general bolstering of capabilities.

nevertheless, the political house has withdrawn and reduced foreign cooperation – in particular with regional companions due to Brexit.

I’m very curious to look how the “western” alliances evolve. Will NATO as soon as again turn into the alliance of the west beneath a Biden presidency, or will mainland Europe movement further against a cohesive protection alliance. If that happens, how will a put up-Brexit UK play into NATO/European forces and what’s going to the U.S.’ position be?

I believe the next 24 months should be specially unique from a security stories point of view. There are a lot of moving items in the West (and past) and some interesting abilities for trade.