suggestions: British Forces put up office: commercial contracts checklist

posted 26 January 2011
last up to date 9 December 2020 + demonstrate all updates

  1. briefly eliminated the listing of BFPO commercial contracts.

  2. added up up to now BFPO business contracts listing.

  3. delivered: record of Couriers, Carriers and companies in commercial Mail Contract with BFPO as of November 2018.

  4. delivered the newest edition of the business contracts record.

  5. updated checklist of commercial contracts.

  6. updated for February 2017.

  7. updated BFPO commercial contracts listing

  8. updated BFPO commercial contracts record

  9. up to date the checklist document.

  10. delivered updated business contracts checklist.

  11. introduced up-to-date BFPO commercial contracts listing.

  12. delivered up to date BFPO contracts listing.

  13. delivered new edition of BFPO industrial contracts listing.

  14. introduced updated edition of BFPO commercial contracts list.

  15. brought updated contractors record.

  16. delivered new business contracts checklist.

  17. up-to-date the business contracts checklist.

  18. up to date the industrial contracts listing.

  19. added up-to-date commercial contracts record.

  20. added up-to-date BFPO industrial Contracts record.

  21. added updated BFPO commercial contracts record.

  22. added new business contracts listing.

  23. updated business contracts list.

  24. brought up to date list.

  25. published latest version of contracts record

  26. brought updated business contracts checklist.

  27. replaced the commercial contracts list document with the latest version

  28. up to date the business contracts record to the revised December 2013

  29. added up-to-date BFPO industrial contracts listing.

  30. delivered up to date version of doc.

  31. added up to date industrial contracts record.

  32. delivered up to date BFPO industrial contractors checklist.

  33. brought updated industrial contracts record

  34. added updated contracts list

  35. brought updated contracts listing

  36. updated business list

  37. updated the checklist

  38. changed business checklist with the June updates

  39. changed doc with up-to-date edition

  40. up-to-date industrial contracts record.

  41. New commercial record brought

  42. brought newest business contracts record

  43. up-to-date contract list

  44. up-to-date edition of industrial contracts list

  45. First published.