information: Tri-provider rules for expenses and allowances (JSP 752)

posted 11 January 2017
remaining up-to-date 21 December 2020 + demonstrate all updates

  1. introduced directed letter: COVID-19 trying out, Annex A to directed letter COVID-19 checking out, directed letter on ecu Exit and the Brexit prolong form.

  2. brought: UK Stranded family unit accommodation (COVID-19) – kind, Reserve faculty children’s visit (Covid-19) – kind, Directed Letter – faculty infants’s visits (SCVs) – enhanced meantime preparations in keeping with coronavirus (COVID-19) for carrier personnel assigned distant places – update 1 and Annex.

  3. added new directed letters.

  4. Addition of: Directed letter – involuntarily separated reputation for carrier personnel being assigned remote places. Regulatory flexibility in accordance with coronavirus.

  5. delivered: Directed Letter: Continuity of training allowance (CEA) – regulatory flexibility in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) – (together with Annex A and B and Appendix 1 to Annex B) and deleted 2 obsolete documents.

  6. eliminated Directed letter: UK inner most arrangements self-assist scheme (UKPASH) in line with coronavirus (COVID-19), Directed letter: school babies’s visits for remote places-assigned provider personnel – interim preparations all through period of COVID-19 border restrictions, Directed letter: school children’s visits (SCVs) meantime arrangements based on coronavirus (COVID-19), and JSP 752. added Directed letter (DL): faculty toddlers’s visits (SCVs). superior meantime arrangements in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) for carrier personnel assigned distant places.

  7. Addition of: Directed letter – continuity of education allowance (CEA) – certain information for the administration of repayments of CEA brought about by way of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  8. Addition of: Directed letter – operational allowance period in-between preparations for extraction of coronavirus (COVID-19) tremendous circumstances.

  9. Addition of: JSP 752 -Tri-carrier rules for costs and allowances.

  10. Addition of: directed letter – faculty toddlers’s visits for remote places-assigned carrier personnel – period in-between preparations during period of COVID-19 border restrictions.

  11. up-to-date: Directed letter (update 1) – continuity of schooling allowance (CEA) – regulatory flexibility in line with coronavirus (COVID-19).

  12. Addition of, ‘Directed letter – UK private arrangements self-support scheme (UKPASH) in keeping with coronavirus (COVID-19)’.

  13. added 5 directed letters based on coronavirus.

  14. up-to-date Tri-carrier regulations for charges and allowances (JSP 752) added.

  15. Addition of up-to-date JSP 752 -Tri-service laws for charges and Allowances April 2020.

  16. up to date JSP 752: tri-service rules for costs and allowances with edition 41 for January 2020.

  17. up-to-date the JSP 752 for October 2019.

  18. up-to-date the page with the newest version of JSP 752.

  19. delivered JSP 752: tri-service rules for fees and allowances (version 38).

  20. up-to-date JSP to edition 37.

  21. introduced an up-to-date version.

  22. up-to-date the JSP 752 with the newest edition.

  23. up to date the JSP 752, Tri-service regulations for expenses and Allowances doc to edition 35.

  24. updated JSP 752 -Tri-carrier laws for costs and Allowances.

  25. updated both materials of JSP 752 to version 33.0.

  26. up-to-date each materials of JSP 752 to ‘edition 32.0, October 2017’.

  27. up-to-date each constituents of JSP 752 to ‘edition 31.0, July 2017’

  28. updated each parts to version 30.

  29. First published.