special ebook: provide chain alternatives

Encouraging suppliers to offer wider entry to procurement alternatives will boost visibility of alternatives and permit a extra distinctive give base, notably for Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs).

if you’re a organisation to MOD, you’re encouraged to promote defence linked sub-contracting alternatives using Defence Contracts on-line (DCO), until it is changed with the aid of the Defence Sourcing Portal in February/March 2021. more information on the implementation of the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP) will also be found on the Contracting, procuring and Finance (CP&F) device page.

as soon as the DSP has been thoroughly carried out, this page will contain on-line kinds with the intention to permit MOD suppliers to promote deliver chain opportunities on the DSP, including:

  • develop note of procurements
  • early market engagement opportunities
  • sub-contracting alternatives
  • updates on which suppliers certain contracts have been awarded to.

The notices will even be seen on the government’s Contracts Finder portal and should direct interested events to contact the advertising organisation at once.

except the DSP has been totally implemented, the existing process of advertising give chain alternatives on the DCO should still continue to be adopted. more information is purchasable on Defence Contracts online: Sub contracting suggestions.

if in case you have any questions related to the promoting of provide Chain opportunities, please contact: DefComrclSSM-Suppliers@mod.gov.uk.

posted 30 December 2020