assistance: service pupil top rate (SPP)

published 7 December 2012
last up to date 4 January 2021 + exhibit all updates

  1. updated counsel in the what you should be aware of and further tips attachments to mirror the incontrovertible fact that the October 2020 census will assess college allocations of SPP funding for the financial 12 months 2021-22.

  2. up to date web page content and all HTML attachments.

  3. up to date the census deadline to January 2021.

  4. updated the ‘carrier student premium: what you should be aware of’ web page with up-to-date information.

  5. up to date SSP extra information.

  6. up to date the ‘what you should recognize’ web page with the newest suggestions on 2015 census.

  7. changed census closing date to sixteen January 2020.

  8. introduced a link to the schooling and expertise Funding company’s information: student premium 2018 to 2019: circumstances of furnish to ‘provider scholar top rate: what you need to comprehend’.

  9. fixed broken hyperlink.

  10. eliminated an obsolete time limit.

  11. brought up-to-date examples of ultimate practice and service pupil top class (SPP) extra advice

  12. delivered the provider scholar top class (SPP) guidance sheet.

  13. up to date the page with the established census date of 17 January 2019.

  14. updated e mail addresses and the deadline for applications.

  15. updated dates as requested with the aid of the Directorate for infants & young americans (DCYP).

  16. updated eligibility criteria.

  17. updated counsel for 2018 functions

  18. brought updated assistance in regards to the SPP and introduced examples of surest apply document.

  19. up-to-date closing date date.

  20. added updated provider student top class poster, amended because of take place on date and branch for schooling website hyperlink.

  21. Corrected date.

  22. added new version of poster.

  23. delivered up-to-date SPP details and new poster.

  24. First published.