Opinion | All 10 living former protection secretaries: Involving the defense force in election disputes would cross into bad territory

This is rarely an election dispute – it’s a legally validated election with a clear winner, and a sore loser who has wild claims of fraud and conspiracy with zero proof who has lost over 60 court circumstances on the subject with just one victory that affected about 200 votes in a single state.

At this element, fascism is alive in the US – as bumbling and fucking stupid because it is below this latest president. the us military should get involved via doing the very least, standing as much as the verified results of the democratic process, and brazenly state that in no way would they adhere to any illegal orders from the wannabe fascist in the Oval workplace. it be no longer a armed forces coup to comply to the democratic process. or not it’s not upsetting democracy to stick to the legal guidelines governing our personal elections. It is not a spoil from the lengthy history of the defense force maintaining itself apart from politics to say that they appreciate the effects of the democratic system.