US Navy punishes suicidal sailor who sought intellectual fitness remedy

For clarification… They failed to punish him for searching for aid.

He went to mast for going UA. Which they decreased the punishment as a result of being on restrict on the ship (Him being within the environment that led to him anxiousness) would were more harmful.

in which case i am no longer bound the suggestions of in fact having to observe through on mast/njp or no longer. (That person is allowed to locate verdict but no longer give out punishment.)

He additionally refused medicine and voluntary commitment.

After refusing medication and announcing he is suicidal he may still have been dedicated and then sept’d out. there is a few other odds and ends that they might have been more aggressive with although americans don’t take involuntary dedication lightly when somebody is involved with fact.

(The article does not say if they put any person on suicide watch in the command. however that is continually done/SOP. even if now not committed or can be directly supervised by means of scientific.)