distinctive book: army Digitalisation: THEIA

THEIA will organise the ordinary programme of digital modernisation throughout the army aligning money, accountability and accountability.


THEIA (“THAY-A”) is the name for army’s Digitalisation, making use of digitised suggestions and digital applied sciences to enhance company and social techniques. it is at the coronary heart of the integrated assessment (IR), British army Land operating idea (BALOC), and armed forces working mannequin (AOM) evaluation, governed through a bespoke quarterly meeting of the army’s government Committee (ExCo (Digitalisation)) and championed by using Deputy Chief of the accepted body of workers.

The ExCo (D) agreed Digitalisation is everyone’s enterprise (not simply the Directorate of assistance); it requires scaled adjustments accomplishing throughout the military, a focus on recognized digital enablers and a commitment to aid the deliver of early outputs.

THEIA will operate throughout all army functions; guided via EMBANKMENT, which is the military’s input and response to the govt’s integrated evaluate and the AOM overview.

To try this THEIA will:

pressure coherence and integration: the a lot of alternate programmes and siloed governance make the digitalisation panorama cluttered and incoherent. both EMBANKMENT and the integrated overview seek a greater coordinated and aligned strategy exceptionally around structure, a single design authority, safety and common records specifications.

break down the silos: Digitisation should exchange way of life and behaviours by promotion new digital methods of working and working transversally across the army services. this may feed into the army operating mannequin.

talk to stakeholders progress and success: each within the army and into defence.

seize efficiencies: exhibit early after which continual wins by way of showing the efficiencies that can also be made in the course of the deployment of the digital initiatives and their change to Defence Planning assumptions.

Orchestrate the overall programme: center of attention on actionable actions aligning funds, accountability and accountability.

THEIA (Digitalisation) goals:

  • because the world evolves in response to alterations in technology, our adversaries’ approach to battle and indeed how we reply needs to evolve, on the same tempo; the British military need to remain aggressive and carry expanded relevance to operate and battle during this new method. we can see conflicts as ‘strategic competitions’, where we ought to be quicker, leaner and extra efficient from the corporate HQ to the tactical aspect
  • be sure the British army is linked, interoperable with companions and allies and information pushed
  • deliver effects in months, not years.

THEIA (Digitalisation) targets:

  • trade digital lifestyle and behaviours, equipping our americans with digital talents and promotion new digital methods of working
  • bring a digital spine and multi-area tactical cloud to combine all guidance from command and control, intelligence, sensors, effectors and platforms throughout domains, companions and allies
  • carry stronger statistics to permit more desirable choices and greater operational and corporate competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.


The built-in evaluation is the largest assessment of the uk’s foreign, defence, safety and construction policy on the grounds that the end of the cold battle. A important function might be a coverage discussion of the appropriate balance between keeping a contingent drive and acting right now to unravel threats in advance. tips-based capabilities that may display impact now, corresponding to cyber and suggestions Operations, are more likely to be tremendously valued, both offensively and defensively. in addition, in an era of persistent competitors, the capability to deter, disrupt and demoralise competencies adversaries by using leveraging and integrating nuanced defence and safety alternate options is increasingly vital.

Kvachkov, Vladimir, Russian particular goal Forces IN Keir Giles, guide of Russian assistance conflict (Rome: NATO protection college, Fellowship Monograph, 2016) quote says:

a new classification of warfare has emerged, in which armed battle has given up its decisive region within the success of the militia and political targets of warfare to another form of conflict – counsel struggle.

What is clear is the demands of the contemporary working atmosphere and the IR require Defence to integrate across all 5 domains (Land, Sea, Air, house, counsel), with different capabilities, executive departments and allies and supply reach, speed of response and agility. Equally there’s a requirement for brand new and slicing-aspect expertise to maintain pace with adversaries. besides the fact that children, to compete in counsel battle and largely combine outcomes requires Defence to do more than effectively buy new technology. It should behavior a digital transformation.

The army’s digital transformation, THEIA, will exploit innovation, research and experimentation to more suitable convey the army’s intention of defending the nation, keeping our individuals, projecting have an effect on and merchandising prosperity. It can be developed via harnessing new expertise such as the Land environment Tactical Communications and counsel systems (LE TacCIS), structured by means of a robust digital backbone of in a position records and more suitable by using knowledgeable working towards of influenced individuals. It’s a few consumer-centred digital tradition that allows leaders at all ranges to make greater informed, superior and empowered choices. despite the fact, to make better choices, people want accurate personal and organisational records that they could trust. Equally, investment in ‘potential for the digital age’ across the complete force will equip our people with the potential and mindset to exploit digital and records capabilities to the complete.


army operating model

we are able to support in defining a brand new strategic centre; the role and composition of the Design Authority, the company structure and the way it works with the digital architecture.

information Coherence

Working with Defence Digital for business statistics governance and requirements while concurrently using the military demand to take advantage of records on the tactical facet; making a ‘Doctrine for data’. Defining the place we keep facts and the way we trip (edge versus centrally); how we undertake area analytics (inc storage) and reach back refresh.

Digital backbone

we are helping beginning of the Digital backbone through defence; helping to improve knowing around BATCIS (Battlefield and Tactical suggestions programs) and what’s being delivered, allow optima, and use of effectively available commercial know-how.

end to end techniques (E2E)

The army will analyze its own end to conclusion (E2E) procedures in getting data from bayonet to HQ, as part of a centered structure review, searching at all E2E approaches the usage of means use situations, assessing existing performance, deliverability, cost, potential, resilience and latency. we can map programme interdependencies to improve understanding between LE TacCIS/ ISTAR and Land Cyber, how these sit down on the community, and what assumptions should be refreshed.


we now have already identified 6 Accelerators; the THEIA crew, working with the useful leads across the army, will without difficulty prime the digitalisation pump and convey early successes. These accelerators can be underpinned with the aid of the enabling activities:

Digital property: will be led by means of Director of Basing and Infrastructure (DB&I), supported by D data and enabled with the aid of Defence Infrastructure business enterprise (DIO). Three components had been identified; in the beginning, Sustainability and efficiency – amassing dispersed data to create a holistic power administration device to determine savings on present spend on energy to re-make investments into the property. Secondly, exploitation of the new DIO owned Future Defence Infrastructure features (FDIS) Contract – the use of estate statistics to incentivise more advantageous behaviours through gainshare. ultimately, complete property Asset management, creating a common facts environment with DIO to create an trade top-rated apply degree of asset monitoring.

company tips, integration and exploitation: will be led via Assistant Chief of the common personnel. Two accessories had been recognized if you want to increase our means to entry enterprise information to greater inform determination-making. at the start, picking and realizing the enterprise structure of existing systems used across all areas, sources and points of entry of data and secondly, enhancing information first-rate by using refining duplication and facts definitions to improve the digital guide to resolution making.

gadget counsel Exploitation: could be led through Director support (D Sp) and enabled by using Defence machine & help and trade companions. D Sp will build on latest actions to additional improve predictive sustainment and the automation of drawing statistics from diverse structures as well as stock programs to accurately video display and plan the upkeep and sustainment of the army fleet. THEIA will evaluate the enterprise structure throughout all techniques to assist power down the annual spend on upkeep of its fleet.

basis of Digital capabilities: might be led by way of Director Personnel (D Pers) and accomplishing into box military. THEIA will complete a maturity assessment of Digital abilities, with an initial focal point on the army HQ, upskilling our gifted workforce to be leaders in the Digital Age; this can map out required academic pathways and establish features for digital working towards. THEIA will also attain into the container military to assist create a digital savvy body of workers that may keep be competitive via applicable adoption of fast-paced advances in know-how.

Digitalising the container army: THEIA will evolve the staggering work carried out up to now producing a proof of conception and the use of the ‘My series’ functions right into a useable skill to attract guidance sets together and provide Commander field army/Land Operations Command a transparent figuring out of readiness from individual practising, to unit and formation popularity, even as enhancing the lived experience of our troopers.

Digital army techniques: can be led by means of domestic Command and construct on the a hit work within the military Personnel Centre (APC). The military digital crew are in the manner of providing the career administration Portal; automating manual paper-primarily based strategies into a set of digital-integrated workflows similar to advertising boards and submit allocation. additional work will look at automation of personnel heavy procedures and modernisation of corporate features and the development and use of online applications to complete administrative tasks and speak key counsel to the broader population.

records as a Strategic Asset

We ought to ensure we eradicate the era of standalone spreadsheets, siloed and duplicated information and herald an era of accurate, relied on and authoritative information sources, purchasable to all. it’s additionally inextricably linked and allows evidence-based mostly decision-making. Many decision-makers have traditionally relied upon instinct and adventure to make vital choices. despite the fact, within the period of digital records, this counsel may also be analysed, evaluated and visualized in milliseconds. here’s some thing the military information Analytics crew (ADAT) has the expertise to do now. THEIA will foster and embed a way of life of attempting to find and the usage of records, over pre-conceived hunches.

We understand the trusted content ought to be easy and attractive to make use of for our individuals; army Digital functions (advertisements) has created the MySeries purposes. The MySeries purposes hosted on the Defence Gateway now allow ‘any-machine’ access to important self-carrier services such as depart applications, checking pay statements or submitting a shuttle or food claim with out desiring to queue for a MODNet terminal. THEIA will look for greater opportunities, corresponding to the MySeries – getting information into the arms of our people – quite simply, directly, and precisely.

Integration is the longer term

remaining words from the military’s Chief suggestions Officer (CIO), Director tips, prevalent JJ Cole in his speech to RUSI Integrating counsel Manoeuvre convention, 10 Mar 2020:

“let us be bold: There isn’t any built-in motion devoid of information potential. There is not any tips talents without (Joint) counsel Manoeuvre. we are delivering information Manoeuvre…and this requires integration in all its kinds:

  • in the Land environment, combining the 5 potential areas of networks; intelligence; influence; cyber and counter-intelligence
  • between physical manoeuvre and advice manoeuvre
  • across a much wider Joint, Allied and partners enterprise
  • with practicing, people and tradition
  • of actual structures with cutting edge digital know-how
  • with information as the critical asset.

Integration is the key phrase. there is a long way to go, but we are on the way.”

the way to discover more

THEIA Engagement Lead: Sally.Wareham333@mod.gov.uk and Charlotte Callanan Charlotte.Callanan100@mod.gov.uk.