suggestions: Tri-service regulations for fees and allowances (JSP 752)

posted eleven January 2017
closing up to date 12 January 2021 + show all updates

  1. up-to-date: Directed letter for COVID-19 checking out.

  2. introduced directed letter: COVID-19 trying out, Annex A to directed letter COVID-19 checking out, directed letter on eu Exit and the Brexit extend kind.

  3. added: UK Stranded family unit lodging (COVID-19) – form, Reserve college little ones’s seek advice from (Covid-19) – kind, Directed Letter – college little ones’s visits (SCVs) – greater interim preparations in line with coronavirus (COVID-19) for service personnel assigned foreign places – replace 1 and Annex.

  4. introduced new directed letters.

  5. Addition of: Directed letter – involuntarily separated fame for provider personnel being assigned overseas. Regulatory flexibility based on coronavirus.

  6. added: Directed Letter: Continuity of schooling allowance (CEA) – regulatory flexibility in keeping with coronavirus (COVID-19) – (together with Annex A and B and Appendix 1 to Annex B) and deleted 2 obsolete documents.

  7. removed Directed letter: UK deepest arrangements self-support scheme (UKPASH) in response to coronavirus (COVID-19), Directed letter: school little ones’s visits for distant places-assigned service personnel – interim preparations all the way through period of COVID-19 border restrictions, Directed letter: faculty little ones’s visits (SCVs) intervening time arrangements in keeping with coronavirus (COVID-19), and JSP 752. brought Directed letter (DL): school little ones’s visits (SCVs). more suitable period in-between preparations in line with coronavirus (COVID-19) for service personnel assigned distant places.

  8. Addition of: Directed letter – continuity of training allowance (CEA) – exact tips for the administration of repayments of CEA caused via the COVID-19 pandemic.

  9. Addition of: Directed letter – operational allowance interim arrangements for extraction of coronavirus (COVID-19) high-quality cases.

  10. Addition of: JSP 752 -Tri-carrier laws for fees and allowances.

  11. Addition of: directed letter – school children’s visits for foreign places-assigned service personnel – intervening time preparations all the way through period of COVID-19 border restrictions.

  12. up-to-date: Directed letter (replace 1) – continuity of schooling allowance (CEA) – regulatory flexibility in response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

  13. Addition of, ‘Directed letter – UK deepest arrangements self-aid scheme (UKPASH) according to coronavirus (COVID-19)’.

  14. brought 5 directed letters based on coronavirus.

  15. up-to-date Tri-provider laws for fees and allowances (JSP 752) introduced.

  16. Addition of updated JSP 752 -Tri-provider regulations for charges and Allowances April 2020.

  17. updated JSP 752: tri-carrier rules for fees and allowances with edition 41 for January 2020.

  18. updated the JSP 752 for October 2019.

  19. up to date the web page with the latest version of JSP 752.

  20. added JSP 752: tri-service regulations for expenses and allowances (edition 38).

  21. up to date JSP to version 37.

  22. delivered an up-to-date version.

  23. up to date the JSP 752 with the latest edition.

  24. updated the JSP 752, Tri-provider laws for charges and Allowances doc to version 35.

  25. up to date JSP 752 -Tri-service laws for prices and Allowances.

  26. updated both elements of JSP 752 to version 33.0.

  27. up-to-date each materials of JSP 752 to ‘edition 32.0, October 2017’.

  28. updated both constituents of JSP 752 to ‘edition 31.0, July 2017’

  29. up to date each elements to edition 30.

  30. First published.