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assistance: Yoxter range and dry training enviornment firing word

21 January 2021 up to date contact cellphone numbers. 15 January 2021 delivered Yoxter latitude and Dry practising enviornment firing times February 2021. 6 January 2021 added: Yoxter latitude and Dry training enviornment firing times January 2021 (up-to-date 6 January 2021). four January 2021 brought: Yoxter range and Dry training enviornment firing times January 2021. […]

specified book: acquire guidance about your self held through MOD

Print this web page information protection requests: coronavirus replace The Ministry of Defence (MOD) takes its duties under the information insurance policy Act 2018 and popular facts insurance policy rules very seriously. although, due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, MOD may additionally take longer than normal to respond to statistics insurance plan requests due to […]

Press unlock: £102-million investment in detect and destroy system for British military

Press unlock The British military has invested £102-million in a high-conclusion surveillance device which makes it possible for frontline soldiers to observe and interact enemy ambitions in seconds. Elbit programs UK (ESUK) – which presently helps over 500 jobs throughout the united kingdom – will deliver a state-of-the-art ‘sensor to shooter’ system developing an additional […]

suggestions: Castlemartin firing word

21 January 2021 introduced 3 extra evening firing sessions to February’s firing instances. 19 January 2021 updated the January 2021 firing times have been a little amended and the extent of the ocean hazard area has additionally been decreased. 14 January 2021 delivered Castlemartin firing observe February 2021. eight January 2021 Amended the firing instances […]

authentic information: MOD regional expenditure with UK industry and supported employment: 2019/20

This e-book offers figures on MOD expenditure with UK industry, damaged down by using each region and trade neighborhood. The number of direct and indirect jobs supported via this expenditure is additionally offered. Direct jobs are presented by way of vicinity, as the number of jobs supported for every one hundred,000 americans in full-time equal […]

distinct book: Veterans information and Communications Hub

newest news RFEA and TechVets are bridging the hole for veterans coming into cyber and technology trade MOD Crown Copyright 2020. RFEA, The Forces Employment Charity, is launching a new partnership with TechVets, an enterprise committed to constructing a bridge for veterans into cyber protection and the know-how sector. read the full story RFEA and […]

assistance: Salisbury undeniable practicing area (SPTA) e-newsletter

20 January 2021 Addition of: Salisbury undeniable training enviornment (SPTA) e-newsletter for February 2021. 23 December 2020 brought: Salisbury undeniable practicing enviornment (SPTA) e-newsletter: January 2021. 25 November 2020 Addition of: Salisbury undeniable practising area (SPTA) newsletter: December 2020. 22 October 2020 added Salisbury plain practicing enviornment (SPTA) newsletter: November 2020 1 October 2020 delivered: […]

reliable data: MOD information pre-liberate entry list

20 January 2021 Addition of: MOD information pre-unlock access record for 20 January 2021. 6 January 2021 delivered: MOD data pre-unlock entry list: 6 January 2021. 16 December 2020 MOD data pre-unencumber access listing: sixteen December 2020. 9 December 2020 added: MOD information pre-release entry checklist: 9 December 2020. 2 December 2020 Addition of: MOD […]

advice: Straightpoint ranges and Woodbury normal Grenade range firing instances

19 January 2021 Addition of: Straightpoint tiers and Woodbury common Grenade latitude firing instances for February 2021. 14 December 2020 Addition of: Straightpoint degrees and Woodbury typical Grenade range firing times for January 2021. 16 November 2020 Addition of: Straight aspect range complicated (SPRC) and Woodbury regular practicing area (WCTA) Grenade latitude firing instances for […]

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